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[Resolved] Investigating issue with Check-in Process

This incident lasted 36 minutes.
Fri, 12 Oct 2018
10:34:21 EDT

We've received reports about applicants having issues completing their check-in. We're currently investigating the issue and will report back shortly.

Thanks for your patience

10:44:21 EDT

We've identified the issue and will be deploying a fix for the issue momentarily.

Thanks for your patience.

11:10:48 EDT

We've completed deploying the change and have confirmed the check-in process is once again functioning properly.

What happened?

An unrelated change that was recently deployed ended up affecting the check-in process in a way that was unexpected and not covered by our automated testing. We've reverting those changes and will be correcting the unexpected behaviour adding additional testing to cover this aspect of the check-in process.

Thanks for your patience.

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